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writer, director, & actor

Written + Directed by

Brayden Martino and Rachel Williams

8 clowns. 39 days. 1 winner.

This is their story.

This is Clown Island.


Clown Island is a hilarious theatrical pastiche based on the reality TV survival genre, starring 8 clowns marooned on an island. You, the audience, get to help determine which clown will become the champion of Clown Island, and which clowns will be sent home. Experience the goofs, drama, and hilarious hi-jinks as 8 clowns fight their way to the million dollar prize! 

Clowns feed off of human energy, so any member of the live studio audience might end up on stage to help a clown complete a challenge!

Watch the full show on YouTube, and interact by clicking on the clown you would like to save at the end of each round!

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