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Directed by Brayden Martino + Joe May

Choreographed by Brayden Martino + Cassie Bangle

Design by Brayden Martino + Aubrey Huntsman


writer, director, & actor

An immersive and interactive reimagining of the darkly delicious cult classic, Heathers the Musical.

The moment you enter theater, you're greeted by the entire Westerburg student body. You're a freshman walking into your first day of high school, and the upperclassmen are going to take you under your wing and prepare you for a school year of BIG FUN.

This 30-minute interactive and improvised pre-show is followed by an immersive first-act performed in intimate thrust seating, an interactive intermission experience, and a final act that is sure to blow you away.

Check out highlights from the interactive pre-show!

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