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writer, director, & actor


Written + Directed by Brayden Martino

Music & Lyrics by Hudson Keown

Slightly Strange Parents puts your entire childhood on stage in a full-length musical parody.

When you’re an average kid who no one understands, life can be tough… Unless you have fairy godparents to grant your every wish! Things are looking up for this average kid, until a business tycoon releases a new streaming service called Dimma+, filled with terrible reboots, remakes, spin-offs, and knock-offs. With the help of his fairies, he wishes for magic remotes that will allow them to travel into the TV and get all of the shows cancelled, in hopes of saving the entertainment industry (and more importantly, impressing the most popular girl in school). This musical celebrates the nostalgic cartoons that made our childhoods awesome, while poking fun at the way corporations ruin them today.

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