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writer, director, & actor


Directed by Brayden Martino

Book + Lyrics by Brayden Martino

Music by Jonathan Haidl, Hudson Keown, Jennifer Hardy, and Aubrey Huntsman

Ya Like Jazz? A Bee Musical is a passion project by college-age meme lovers and theatre lovers.

Was Jerry Seinfeld okay when he created Bee Movie? Does a bee (or anyone for that matter) have the authority to sue the entire human race? What does it all mean? Brayden Martino, Jonathan Haidl, and their brave team of meme-analyzers and artists-with-nothing-better-to-do asked themselves these very questions before creating what would become a full-length musical parody of this memed cult classic.

It started off as a joke, but the team soon found themselves too deep. Before they knew it, the show premiered live in 2018 in Anaheim, CA with public acclaim and passionate audience interaction. 

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